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I finally picked up the second edition of TrainingPlans for Multisport Athletes, had to because the pages were falling out of the first one.  Anyway, one quick question please.  Can the 13 weeks to a half Ironman be adapted so it becomes 13 weeks to an Olympic distance?  I don't have the 26 weeks to train, my race is April 14th, about 14 weeks away. 

It's not that I procrastinate in picking my races, my students pick my races.  Every so often, usually once a year, one of my students challenges me to race them.  This school year they waited till just before Christmas break to issue the challenge, so I had to pick a race close to home and before they get out of school.  But, I ramble.  Any help you can give in this matter would be appreciated.  






Hi F.D. ~


Thanks for letting me know you enjoy my work. I have a few suggestions: 


  1. If you have the fitness now – you can use the last 14 weeks of the 24-week Olympic plan in Training Plans for Multisport Athletes. If you have the endurance but not the intensity, then you can use Zone 3 for the higher intensity efforts rather than Zone 4+ in that plan.
  2. Another option is to begin the 24-week plan where your current fitness is – that is pick a week that seems “doable” to you. It can be a stretch, but don’t make it a 50% increase from your current fitness. Work your way through the plan by sequential weeks until you are one or two week out from the race. Then use the last one or two weeks of the plan to taper into the event. I say one or two because it depends on where you start now and where that puts you near race day. The bottom line here is you want to be rested heading into the race.
  3. Also, my book Triathlon Training Basics has a fit beginner plan that is 12 weeks long. The training hours range from 5:15 to 8:00 per week for this one, so it’s not a performance oriented plan but rather one intended for “comfortable completion”.


Which option you use depends largely on your current fitness.


Hope this helps. Let me know how the race goes for you ~




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