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A secret about top athletes

Posted by Gale Bernhardt on Mar 7, 2013 2:02:35 PM

Top athletes that blog about their personal training schedules tell you precisely what they want you to know.  For example, several athletes I coach (or have coached) hide key workouts on public training sites such as Strava. 


These athletes don’t want others to know or to duplicate key workouts or workout combinations. One of my athletes discovered one of his followers was duplicating his workouts, lagging by a day or more. Many athletes feel that their training preparation is part of their success weaponry.

I’ve not had one of my athletes tell me they did this, but I have spoken to pro athletes that have told me they exaggerate training volume and intensity levels in their blogs. If their competitors attempt to follow the supposed training plan, they go into races with dead legs from excess volume and/or intensity.

Are some people 100-percent honest when blogging and posting about their training?


If you’re trying to replicate a top athlete’s training plan – do you know who is telling the 100-percent truth and who isn’t?

The secret about top athletes is they have secrets.



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