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Currently Being Moderated

I recently read a column written by Christopher Solomon about Kilian Jornet. Jornet has a long list of winning accomplishments including setting a dozen speed records, claiming some 16 titles and winning more than 80 races.

His physiology is amazing, with a VO2max measuring 89.5 ml/kg/min – one of the highest on record.

He is light, 5-foot, 6-inches and 125 pounds.

The column noted that “In moderate temperatures, Jornet says, he can run easily for eight hours without drinking water.”

He also completes long runs eating only berries.

He is very in tune with his body.

Certainly he is an anomaly.

What I that if he trained his body to do very well performing on such low levels of fluid and fuel, is it possible for people with fewer natural gifts to do the same? Or is it just in his genetics?

The original column is titled Becoming the All-Terrain Human



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