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I am lucky to live in an area where open space is a priority for the two cities I frequent the most, Loveland and Fort Collins, Colorado. Open space is also a priority in the county we share, Larimer. The two city governments partner with the county on several open space projects and make connectivity a priority. Additionally,connectivity with Colorado State Parks is a priority as well.

In fact, The Big Ride covered trails that were funded by all four organizations.


Today I was chatting with Ernie Watenpaugh and he reminded me about the wildlife camera project at Bobcat Ridge Natural Area.


Lions and bobcats and bears, oh my!


It’s really cool to see photos of furry open space and trail visitors – or is that open space homeowners?


January 2011 has a mountain lion. Bears are in September 2011. If you go through all of the 2011 photos, you'll find a nice variety of wildlife.


There are times when I'm on the local trails and I feel like I'm being watched....

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