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On her twitter post this morning, Chrissie Wellington posted "starting to think about plans for next year.....seriously tempted by Leadville 100mile Mtn Bike Race. "


I would love to see Chrissie Wellington race the Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race. I think she could rock it.


Then, I'd love to see her go after the run and/or the Leadman/Leadwoman records.


Ironman has just gotten boring.


For those of you that are of the dirt-type and don't know much about Chrissie...

- She is a three-time Ironman Hawaii World Champion

- Just weeks ago, she set a World Triathlon Corporation record for women at Ironman Arizona at 8:36 and she was 8th overall.

- Earlier this year, she set a record at Ironman Roth of 8:19 and was 7th overall.


Can you say..."Bad A$$ Chick, On Your Left"?

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