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Active Expert: Gale Bernhardt

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Last Wednesday I traveled to San Diego to do some video work with the content team at the Active Network and meet with the Active Trainer team to see the planned enhancements to Trainer. It was great fun seeing people I've met during past visits and also meeting people I've communicated with on the net or via phone, but hadn't met until last week.


The video content will boost the Active library of skills, drills and tips for the Active audience. In the next few weeks look for video clips and tips on several topics; including how to improve your transition time. Maybe you can cut your T-1 time in half like Jesse? Jesse is the content manager that spiffs up my tri and cycling columns for public consumption each month and he agreed to be one of the models for the videos.


Belle demonstrated what it looks like to ride a straight line when checking over her shoulder for traffic or other riders in one of the video clips. She also agreed to be one of the video models. It was fun to meet her because we are working together as part of the "Get Active" program to get her ready for the Wildflower triathlon.



We did as much video and voice over work as we could in a day and a half. If the clips turn out as well as I expect, thanks to the work of Todd Lynch, there is more work to be done.



On Saturday night I was invited to join the Active team at the Annual Competitor Endurance Sports Awards. It is a fun event held at Sea World after hours. The evening begins with the game pavilion. Jon Belmonte, while holding three gigantic stuffed animals, kept trying to convince me how easy it is to toss a ball into a narrow-topped jug. Apparently I need some training in gaming skills. I finally convinced Mike Coleman to play my game card so I wouldn't go home to the dog without a stuffed toy.



Below is a photo of Toby, Jesse and I at the end of the banquet. Handsome gentlemen, don't you think?





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