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If you have, or have had, a dog you are surely familiar with “the cone of shame.” The term became more familiar to non-dog owners in the film UP. The highfalutin term for the cone of shame is an Elizabethan collar. When a dog has had some sort of wound, surgery or stitches, the vet recommends putting the cone of shame on the dog to keep the dog from licking open the stitches or making a wound worse.


Below, you can see Meeka modeling the cone of shame.


You can hear her saying the same thing as the dog in Up, “I do not like the cone of shame.”


An alternative that I wasn’t aware of, until recently is the donut.  The donut is more comfortable for the dog and doesn’t cause as much house damage. Non-dog owners may wonder, “House damage?”


Yep, the dog goes bashing through the house allowing the cone to run into walls, corners, woodwork, coffee tables, nick-knacks, etc. I just know they are wishing to destroy the cone – whatever it takes. Below you will notice that Addie indeed destroyed her cone and managed to eat some of the parts. Don’t worry, the parts came up (yes up – like in barfing) two nights later at 2:00am. Nothing will get you out of bed faster than the plunger-I’m-about-to-barf noise.



Addie was wearing her cone in late December when she got spayed. Meeka, in the first photo set, was wearing her cone and a t-shirt to cover the wounds she got during a kerfluffle with a coyote. (More on that in the next blog.)


The day Meeka got her stitches out, Addie managed to get a slice in her rear leg that required four staples. Two trips to the vet that day and three trips (due to multiple product problems) to PetSmart for donuts.January was a rough month.


Both dogs in donuts…




Man I'm glad January is over. The 1st to the 26th was rough. February has been much, much better.


The next blog is what I've learned about coyotes recently.

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