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In 2008, The International Triathlon Union (ITU) partnered with SPORTFIVE and UPSOLUT (companies owned by the French media conglomerate, Lagadère Group ), to increase the level of ITU racing and the sponsorship. Dextro Energy will be the title sponsor of the series, known as the Dextro Energy – ITU World Championship Series.


The World Championship  Series will be seven events and a Grand Final, where the world’s best triathletes compete head-to-head for rankings and prize money. Each of the races will be modeled after the highly successful Hamburg event that draws huge numbers of spectators. In 2007, the World Championships held in Hamburg drew 7.7 million live TV viewers and in excess of 80 million viewers in total. Taking this model to a global market is one goal of the SPORTFIVE  Group. You can find more information on the media and marketing rights here.


For the elite athletes, this means that a record $3.5-million USD (double that awarded in previous years) will be at stake for top-level prize money and the year-end bonus pool will be three-times greater in 2009 than in previous years. There is guaranteed live international high-definition television coverage, which brings more value to sponsors, athletes and the  viewing audience.



To say this a very exciting time for the sport is an enormous understatement. Stay tuned as series kicks off May 10th in Singapore.




Series information



Prize money increase press release



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