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When I was in Hungary for the 2010 ITU World Championships and Congress, I had the opportunity to eat some traditional Hungarian food. When I visit a new country I try to eat the foods that are typical to that country or region. On one evening, several of us visited an excellent restaurant, Babel.


Just for you, blog readers, I brought home a menu and photos of the meal. The boldface print is, of course, Hungarian. Take note of the number of special characters. The English translation is second, followed by a recommended wine. I did not go for the wine with each course or cheese plate options. Sadly, I don’t have a photo of the second course. The dill foam was fantastic.


magyar menu hungariqn menu


barackos kacsmáj torta mandulaá ropogóssal, kacsamájhab és chutne

apricot duck foie gras cake with alrnond crisp,

duck foie gras foam and chutney

dobogó mylitta



céklás galamb consommé cékla zselével galambmellel és

wonton tésztában töltött galambcomb rilettel

beetroot pigeon consommé with beetroot jelly, breast of pigeon

and wonton pasta stuffed with pigeon rilette



pisztráng kárpáthy módra tök pürével, kaporolajjal, kaporhabbal,

folyaml rákkal, gombával és rák jus-vel

"karpathy" trout with squash purée, dill oil, dill foam, crayfish, mushrooms,

and crayfish jus

laposa juhfark

magyaros borjú szűz pirított csontvelővel, bébi poréhagymával,

cukorborsóval, lecsóval és burgonyával

Hungarian veal tenderloin with sautéed bone marrow, baby leeks, mangetc Hungarian "Iecsó" and potatoes

vylyan cabernet franc



almás pite aludttej fagylalttal

apple pie with curd milk ice cream

demeter zoltán tokaji cuvée late harvest 2007




cheese plate

kiss gábor rnerum 2006

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