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Today’s blog is continuing the series of eight things to change if you want to get faster or improve your ability to go longer.

If you have an endurance goal, a good question is "How long should your longest workout be – what workout duration do you need?"

From the book, “Duration of your longest workout may or may not be the length of your goal event. Generally, the shorter the event, the greater likelihood that you will complete the event distance sometime within your training. “

I did discuss some rules of thumb I use for the longest workout in the last blog on training volume. But what about the length of each workout, how long should daily workouts be?

The duration of your daily workouts is tied several items:

    1. How much time do you have available to train each day?
    2. What is the least amount of training you can do each day to bring continuous improvement?
    3. What are your fitness goals?
    4. Do you use daily workouts as weight or stress management? Are these goals more important than performance improvement?
    5. Are your workouts social? Is the social part of fitness more important to you than performance?


When planning your daily workouts, you have to take a hard look at why you’re doing the workout and how that workout is tied to your goals. Some of you may prefer the social, stress management or weight management aspects of your fitness goals over the performance aspects.


These training plans have helped thousands of people succeed, they can help you too.

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