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We are now nearing the end of the bike tour. After a rest day for most yesterday, it seems riders are eager to get pedaling again.


Day 6: Due to the bike path being washed out, we went by car to Dotsero. Those without personal sags along went via bus back to Gypsum. Everyone headed toward Vail, Vail Pass and then into Frisco.  (80.3 miles, 4095 ft. of climbing)



Meeka and Del, the best sag team ever.


Vail Pass is a tough and rewarding climb. For whatever reason, I like it. I felt good climbing too. Finally.



Scott Ellis, Gale and Bruce Runnels - looking like it should be Rabbit Ears Pass - but no, it's Vail Pass.


I did think about the USA Pro Cycling Challenge riders that will be doing a time trial on part of Vail Pass in a few weeks. We plan to go up and watch some of the stages. Want to see Tour de France riders without traveling to France? Come to Colorado!

After the climb, there’s a descent into Copper Mountain and then Frisco. A few weeks ago, I noted that there was an avalanche covering the bike path between Copper Mountain and Frisco. The bike path was open when we went through, but…it seems there was some extra debris in the avalanche…



Ron Kennedy and Scott Ellis looking happy to be in the avalanche...


Walking the bike path in Frisco, near Dillon Reservoir, I caught a shot of some wild Iris (I think that’s what they are) with Grays and Torreys Peaks in the background. Summer in the mountains is fantastic.




Day 7: From Frisco we headed back toward Central City. (61.3 miles, 2633 ft of climbing) Because a running race was using the bike path between Loveland Basin (after the Loveland Pass climb) and Georgetown, tour organizers worked with Colorado Department of Transportation personnel to allow us to ride on Interstate 70 rather than bussing for about 13 miles. The State Patrol broke us into groups of about 50 riders and sent us on the highway in small groups. For the most part, this went well. There are always a few knuckleheads in every crowd.


Bicycle Tour of Colorado ended in Central City. A great way to spend a week.  (383 miles, 17,834 feet of climbing)

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Last week I traveled to the U.S. Olympic Training Center to present at, and attend, the USA Cycling Coaching Summit. It was a great summit and I met several high quality coaches. Additionally, the other presenters provided me with plenty of items to ponder. Look for these in the upcoming Active Cyclist and Active Triathelte Newsletters. (My Twitter and Facebook friends always get pre-newsletter column release.)


In the past two weeks, the subject of long boarders careening themselves down mountain roads has come up in group conversations at least three times. (Twice at the coaching summit.) I told people I would post links to the longboarder columns I've written:


Loveland Pass

Video and Rist Canyon (He did over 70mph on a skateboard.)

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