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The weather started to shape up on the third day of the tour, yeah!


Day 2: The ride went from Granby to Steamboat Springs and included Muddy Pass (8,772 ft) and Rabbit Ears Pass (9,426 ft). Relative to the last couple of days, today was uneventful. I’ll take it. (83 miles, 3386 ft. of climbing)

Though the weather was better, the pass still required vests and arm warmers for Ron, Gale and Scott.



The rabbit ears - of Rabbit Ears Pass fame.                   Ron Kennedy, Gale Bernhardt and Scott Ellis doing a mix and match of Peloton Cycles gear on top of Rabbit Ears Pass.


Day 3: From Steamboat Springs we were supposed to ride to Glenwood Springs. The ride was to go through the Glenwood Canyon that spans from Dotsero to Glenwood Springs. This canyon is often on lists of “most beautiful drives” in the United States. My preference is to ride the canyon on the bike path that runs just below the interstate and parallels the car pathway. Unfortunately, the high water runoff this season encouraged the Colorado River to submerge the bike path in several locations. In at least one location the path has been destroyed and sent downriver in pieces. Read more here from the Glenwood Post Independent.  (Steamboat to Gypsum was 87 miles, 4783 ft. of climbing)



Calm Colorado River bulging at the seams. The bike path is just below the road surface, underwater.     A different section of the Colorado River as it rages through a steeper and rocky section.


Bikes were left in Gypsum and people were transported by bus to Glenwood Springs. Most people were happy to have a day off in Glenwood Springs and take the opportunity to enjoy a raft trip on safe parts of the river, swim in the hot springs pool or take a tramway ride to the caverns.


Others (like Bruce Runnels, Ed Shaw and Gale) had a way to get bikes to Glenwood Springs and took an easy ride to the State Fish Hatchery and soaked in the views of Storm King Ranch. The day off ended with me in a somberero and singing...but that's another story.

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