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Today I had a chance to run in a new show – On. I have to say, I’m impressed.


Normally, when I run in a new shoe it takes a few runs before I feel comfortable. I was comfortable from the first step in this shoe. I suspect it is due to a combination of footbed design and the sole. It is an unusual looking sole.




Before running in the shoe, I did go to the company website to see the story behind the shoe and I had a look at the research that found running in the shoe reduced heart rate and lactic acid concentrations. I normally remain a skeptic on studies – particularly if a single study is involved.


Though I can’t report specific speeds or heart rate numbers for myself (I wanted to just run in the shoe), I can say that I did feel light, fast and very comfortable in the shoe.


For me, a neutral runner, this shoe gets big thumbs up after only one run. I’ll keep you posted on further impressions.

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