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Active Expert: Gale Bernhardt

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Looking for a fast lunch recipe? I’ve got one for you using pre-cooked rice, steamed veggies and chicken. The seasoning is likely something you haven’t used before…


First, if you keep cooked rice on hand it is easy to throw together a fast dish. Second, sometimes you have leftover baked chicken and you’re tired of salads. The third major ingredient is any veggie(s) you choose. If you have fresh ones, great – but – if you don’t and you’re in a big hurry, use the frozen steamer bag kind.


Use any volume of each ingredient you please. This allows you to adjust carbohydrates, fats and proteins to fuel a balanced lunch or one with higher carbs for a recovery meal.


Combine the rice, veggies and chopped chicken pieces in a bowl. Season to taste with olive oil (or butter or any other oil you normally use) and tamari soy sauce. The final ingredient…Mongolian Fire Oil.This yummy oil packs a punch of spice in small amounts so begin sparingly.


Of course you can use any protein or tofu rather than chicken. This easy, flexible recipe helps you eat healthy to fuel your training.



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