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If you’re an endurance athlete, at some point I’m certain you’ll have a need for duct tape. Not just any duct tape; but all-weather duct tape. Recently I’ve had a use for it in the pool, securing my sprained finger support stick. (More on that in a later blog.) The tape easily lasts through a 60- to 75-minute workout. I originally got this tape for use in snow to secure the top of dog boots and it works pretty well in cold wet conditions too.


A second tape you'll need is self-adhering tape. This tape is used by athletes for issues such as securing wound gauze and it can also be used as a compression tape – say, for compressing a sprained finger or two. Similar to the non-adhering ACE bandage, this tape is stretchy, but unlike ACE it needs no metal clips to keep it secure. If you buy the marketed-to-humans variety, you will often pay around $10 for five yards at a pharmacy.


The same tape is used for pets and five yards can be purchased for around $2 at a pet supply store. Know that there are different widths available too.


I'm pretty sure you'll have a need for both items at some point in the future - if you don't already have a need right now.

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