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Last weekend I had a chance to try a new product called ShowerPill. The product is a large (9 inches x 8 inches) body wipe made specifically for athletes. It contains germ killer, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and is Alcohol Free.


The ShowerPill received one of the toughest tests and that was cleaning up dirt after a mountain bike race. Normally I would one of the moist towelette products available at most grocery stores. I was pretty dirty after the race and based on my past experience, I would have used some six to eight of the grocery store variety of hand and face wipes (5.25 inches x 7.5 inches) which are quite thin. I used two of the ShowerPill packets.


There are times after a ride that extra water is not available, so I will use wipes only. That’s how I tried the ShowerPilltowelette for this experiment. (If I would have used water first, to get off the majority of the dirt, then I would have only needed to use one ShowerPill wipe.)


One thing I liked about this wipe is the higher quality of the wipe material. It is thicker and softer than those found in grocery stores. This feature makes cleaning up tough messes much easier.


I also like the feel of ShowerPill on the skin, over the grocery store variety of wipes.


Looking at cost, ShowerPill wipes run about $1.75 each ($3.50 ror cost for this mountain bike clean up). If I would have used eight of the individually wrapped grocery store towelettes, it would have been 8 x $0.44 o r$3.52 total. My clean-up costs would have been roughly the same.


Sans dirt and mountain biking, using a single ShowerPillwould be a nice option for after a run or a road bike ride when I won’t have access to a real shower for awhile. A single wipe is easily packable in any gear bag and is enough to clean up post-workout sweat.


If you need a quick clean up to bridge the gap until you canget a real shower, ShowerPill is worth a look.



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