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In addition to thousands of emaails about athletes using the training plans in my books to help them meet fitness and race goals, I’ve gotten loads of compliments on the cover of my book, Training Plans for Multisport Athletes,second edition. After people tell me how much they like the cover, they often ask “Who is the runner?”




My answer, until a couple of weeks ago, was “I don’t know.”


Design artists at VeloPress work on the cover presentation for the book. Since great cover designs tend not to be the forte of authors, most publishers hold the right to design the cover in the book contract. They select photos from in-house photographers or file photos purchased from freelance photographers.


When I presented at the Triathlon America conference, a good looking fellow approached me and said, “I’ve been wanting to meet you. I’m Michael O’Neil and I’m the runner on the cover of your book.”




An interesting triva fact for you is that Michael has been the manager for several professional triathletes including Susan Williams and Sara Groff. His company is named “ethos”and is involved in several ventures.


Great to meet you Michael ~

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