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In case you didn’t know, detailed financial statements are publically available for your sporting organizations.


You can select the hot links included here to find the main pages for financial statements for USA Swimming, USA Cycling and USA Triathlon.


Some quick pulls from the statements include that in 2009, USA Swimming spent $1.3 million for legal services. In the same year, USA Triathlon claimed $8.3 million in contributions and grants. Also in 2009, USA Cycling collected $4.5 million in membership dues.


The CEOs of USA Triathlon and USA Cycling make annual salaries less than half that of the USA Swimming CEO at a total compensation package of $731,581.


If there are world-class expectations and world-class performance there should be high, world-class, compensation.


I’m happy to see the organizations associated with swimming, cycling and triathlon increasing income and salaries. It may be awhile before we reach the levels of baseball, football and basketball – but – there has been significant improvement in the last 10 to 15 years. 

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