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As I continue the blog series on training principles, today’s post is on workout duration. So far, I’ve covered overload, volume, duration and specificity.


“Depending on each individual's current fitness, race goals, the sport and training time available, the frequency of workouts scheduled will vary. Some athletes will workout only once per day while others workout twice or more times per day.”


As athletes get more competitive and gain more fitness, they move from doing workouts three times per week to six or seven times per week. Beyond that, athletes move to multiple workouts per day.


A few tips for workout frequency:


  • It is typical for competitive triathletes to do two workouts per day, several days per week. Some will answer an early morning alarm and complete one workout on an indoor trainer or treadmill to optimize time.
  • Cyclists will often commute to and/or from work to add additional workout frequency to their training.
  • Sometimes a short workout at an easy intensity can aid recovery. Don’t overlook steady walking as an option. A lunch time walk is perfect.
  • As you eagerly increase workout frequency, pay close attention to your overall training volume and be aware of overload.



These training plans have helped thousands of people succeed, they can help you too.

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I'm not sure what is bringing the volume vs intensity debates to the surface right now, but I'm getting lots of questions about what is more valuable, increasing training volume or intensity?



The answer depends on your current fitness and goals.



1) If you don't have the endurance to complete an event, then first you need endurance (volume). Heading into very intense workouts without a fitness base increases your risk for injury.



2) If you already have an endurance base, then whether you add more volume or intensity depends on what you are currently doing and your race goals. Let's consider extremes because the issue is easier to see. If you are currently training 10 hours per week, with your longest workout at three hours and your goal event is two-hours long then strategically adding more intensity will likely bring better results for you than adding more volume. If your goal event is 12-hours long then more volume, particularly focused in your long workouts will do you more good than more intensity.



To say intensity is better than volume (or vice versa) in all circumstances is like saying a table saw is always a better tool than a nail gun when you're building something big. Or, a table saw is the only tool to use when building something big. Makes no sense.



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