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November 2007


Posted by GuMan Nov 29, 2007

Well it has taken me a couple of days to get the Thanksgiving photos up. Going into the weekend I wasn’t sure I would have a job when I got back. Then on Friday, there was an announcement that we were getting new funding and a set of new parents. So that meant my job was safe; unfortunately, that also meant we have several investment bankers in house trying to value the company.


As usual, we went to Dallas for Thanksgiving.  We got to play around with my godchildren and eat way too much.


Here are some photos from the weekend



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first snow

Posted by GuMan Nov 20, 2007




It doesn't look like much, but that was the first snow of the season.  From our window on the 18th floor, it looked like a big storm.  However, but the time it hit the ground all of it had melted That didn't stop me from getting excited anyway.



We are off to Dallas for Thanksgiving today and will be returning on Saturday



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out of town

Posted by GuMan Nov 18, 2007


Last Friday night we caught up with Julie and her friend Sonya.  We met Julie on our trip to Spain last year.  They had come to New York to go to plays, but with the strike going on that didn't quite work out like they had hoped.  However, it did give us an opportunity to hang out with them.



When we were in Spain, I had talked to her about venison.  So she brings me some venison all the way from Minnesota.  She even convinced the hotel to allow her to keep it in their freezer!





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early light

Posted by GuMan Nov 18, 2007

I can't believe it is Friday already.  How time flies when the market is crashing! Last night we went to see the new Circque du Soleil show - Wintuk.  Overall I have to say I was a little disappointed in it.  It was more theater than circus. I guess the kids liked it.  Our friend Julie from Minneapolis is in town this weekend and since Broadway shows are closed, she and her friend decided to attend Wintuk.  They ended up picking yesterday and they also got seats just down the row from us.  What are the odds of that?  So we are going to meet up with them for drinks after work today.


Since I couldn't get to the gym after work last night, I went in really early.  On the way I got this really nice shot of St. Patrick at dawn



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pillane de natale

Posted by GuMan Nov 10, 2007


I am supposed to do a hour ride today, but it is raining and cold.  Looks like I will have to suffer on a stationary.



We had a nice surprise when we got home - the Christmas ornament for this year had arrived. One of the things I am looking forward to in our trip next year is stopping by Lucia Volentieri's store in Castellina in Chianti.  Last year I got my wife a Christmas ornament from there. To surprise her, I got on-line and ordered on specifically for this year.





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falling soldier

Posted by GuMan Nov 7, 2007

Last night we went to the International Center for Photography to hear a talk on Robert Capa.  Two interesting things stand out.  First has to do with the famous "Falling Soldier" photograph.  This was the first time I heard that it wasn't an actual way casualty.  Rather a bunch of partisans were having fun and the soldier accidentally got shot.  So while the photo itself was real, it wasn't Franco's troops that killed him.  Secondly, all this would be just interesting point except that Capa was an active member on the Republican side.  So it wasn't a accident that the true nature of the photo didn't come out. This made me wonder how he is any different than Leni Riefenstahl?  If we had lost the war, would Triumph of the Will have a place in history like Falling Soldier does now?

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atlas at night

Posted by GuMan Nov 5, 2007

Now that I have my battery for my digital camera, I decided to take it with me to see if I could get some good shots during the day. But it was one fire drill after another and I didn't get to use it until I was walking home. I got this really good shot of Atlas at Rockfeller center


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valley forge

Posted by GuMan Nov 4, 2007

After Christina's wedding, we decided - on the spur of the moment - to stop by the Valley Forge National Park.  There is a six mile  loop around the park or an eleven mile loop.  You can either walk or drive either loop.  We decided to walk the smaller loop.  This provided the perfect opportunity for me to test out the GPS unit.  As you can see below, it worked very well.  I just turned it on and clipped it to my belt loop.  I didn't think about it the entire time.


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Christina's wedding

Posted by GuMan Nov 4, 2007

The package from Sony arrived just in time for me go to Christina's wedding.  I was all excited to use the new toys.  However, boy genius here left the battery for the digital camera in the charger plugged in under my desk!  Fortunately, the movie camera takes great pictures also.


The wedding was at Villanova and the reception was the Baldwin School.






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