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unlit tree - unwrapped presents

Posted by GuMan on Dec 16, 2007 6:22:29 PM

We have both been under the weather all week.  Thus, we are way behind on all our holiday chores.  Yesterday, we finally got a tree. It looked nice on the lot, but little did I realize that it weighed close to 120 lbs.  And, of course, I was the one who had to bring it home.  We got it set up but were too tired to decorate it.  Also, we are too tired to wrap all the presents.  So they just got piled up under the tree.



Since we are moving out of the apartment, our landlord has placed it on the market. Amazingly he has it listed at $1.2 million!  For our stinky little place! Anyone who would pay that is out of their mind - no matter who good the Euro exchange rate is.

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