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let's go rangers!

Posted by GuMan Jan 24, 2008

To celebrate their new account, Diane and Gerry at BBH wanted to take CIFG out to dinner and a hockey game. Alas, our CFO is a golf fan and not a hockey fan. So Ellen and I got volunteered to go - not that either of us had ever been to a hockey game before. It was nice catching up with Diane and Gerry. They took us to Kean’s Steakhouse where I had their special mutton chop. The game itself wasn’t exciting as the Rangers stomped over Atlanta.


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new apartment

Posted by GuMan Jan 24, 2008

Jo-Ann has spent most of this new year in Chicago. Our lease is up in March and she was getting a little stressed about finding a new apartment. It didn’t help that buildings won’t show apartments until a month before you can move in. In addition Jo-Ann is spending the coming weekend in Chicago. So she was adamant about finding a place before leaving. Thus, we spend most of MLK weekend looking for places.


On Tuesday, I went and signed a lease on our new place.  It is located just off the Woolworth building and the Trade Center site.



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walk in the park

Posted by GuMan Jan 13, 2008

What ever bug has been going around came back to bite us again. Jo-Ann was in Chicago all week and suffering from a cold. I was doing the same here while struggling with year end. This weekend we had to evacuate the apartment so that our landlord’s realtor could show it. So we took a walk across the park and had dinner at Academia di Vino. It was a nice respite from work, illness and the impending snow storm.


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capo d'anno

Posted by GuMan Jan 1, 2008

Last night we went to Aix for dinner. It was a great five course prix fixe dinner and we had a great time. Unfortunately, we drank too much and were feeling the effects this morning. Hank had his by-pass yesterday, and Patty was in today to see him. So in spite of our headaches, we went to see Hank and then take Patty and Jon out to lunch. 08 is already starting off crazy!


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