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The Quest to Our Beginning

Posted by WickedLizzie9 on Jan 13, 2009 1:43:11 AM

Here we are, January 12, 2009 and already thousands of people all over the world have broken their New Year’s Resolutions. We, however, are not part of those thousands. Today Jessica, Vera, and I went on our first ½ marathon training workout. We started what will optimistically be a long tradition of good health and exceptional fitness. Of course, like any event that involves Jessica, Vera & I, Jessica & Vera, Vera & I or any combination there of, it was not as simple as we had planned out. From the weather to finding the ever elusive Del Mesa Park our first workout will without a doubt bring us laughter for many a day.


The weather lately has been a bit uncooperative. The Santa Ana’s have made our weather go from a virtual icebox (well, for us Orange County residents anyway) to a windy space heater. Having the weather be so uncertain makes running a sketchy subject in most beginners’ eyes. And, we were no different. Soon after arriving at our meeting place it was suggested by one of us, who shall for the sake of sparing her mockery remain nameless, that maybe the wind would make it too cold to go out and workout. This was answered by a look of disbelief and laugh among friends. Really, worried about the cold? I was practically having hot flashes with the temperature of the wind. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating a little… or a lot but, you get my point.


So nevertheless, we embarked on what was supposed to be a simple ½ mile warm-up walk to the park. We headed out virtually blindly (and at one point literally since there are NO street lights down that road, NONE!) in the direction of the park… or so we thought. We hadn’t been walking for more than 2 minutes when we started to question whether we were going in the right direction. We honestly didn’t think it would be so difficult to find the park. After all, we did Google the darn place! Well, Google-ing a destination only works if you either, 1. Write down or print the result OR 2. Memorize the directions by looking at the map. Neither of which we did!


When we came to the 55S on-ramp, I decided to break out the good ‘ol cell phone and Google the park again. We got a little map from the park’s website and found our sense of direction once again. Thus, we maintained our course down “the path with no light” stumbling over branches and accidentally kicking twigs at each other’s feet. Finally we made it to the light! The traffic light, that is, and being once again disoriented I brought out the cell phone (thank God for the technology age!) and produced the image of the map on the screen. Having found our way, we walked on looking for that street sign with our turning point.


Voila! There it is! We marched on looking for the cross street to the park. We walked… and walked… and walked until the end of the street came and we were there standing, laughing and already tired, but not any closer that darn park! We decided we would walk back towards home and if we happened to see it on the way back we would stop and run 1 lap, to save face, and be on our merry way. Once again we passed street after street and didn’t see that sign that would take us to the park. Again, I brought out my handy dandy cell phone. Jessica and I stared at it trying to figure out where we went wrong while Vera tended to Andres and Emma (who all this time had been such great sports about the shenanigans we got ourselves and them into).


OMG! We went too far! The street we turned on had nothing to do with our elusive park except that it happened to be on the same map! Laughing at how off course we had gone, we rallied on. This time determined to just go home…we had walked enough for today. Sure enough, the street which had made itself so obscure whilst we were in search of it magically appeared! It was the first street we passed! We decided to go and make an appearance just so we know how to get there next time. Then, we headed home. Having turned what would have originally been a 1 maybe 1.5 mile walk into a 2.5 mile QUEST

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