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iPod vs No iPod

Posted by wassee Feb 17, 2008

Re: The iPod conflict brews in racing - The Real Deal

Ok... here is the real deal on this subject. I just ran the A1A Half Marathon and I did NOT use my iPod. I thought I would try and see what the issues were as a "purist" with iPod Runners being distracted, etc. This is what happened:

Three iPod wearers made some erratic turns and cut me off. In fact one was so bad, I ended up bumping into another runner. However, three runners NOT wearing iPods did the same thing and worse. The first "non-iPodder" tangled feet with me when she cut across to get to another runner. She didn't even look back to see what she did to me. I didn't fall but sorry would have been nice. The second "non iPodder" got two cups of water or G/ade; I was passing on the right. He drank one and threw the other one and hit me with it splashing the water all over me. I was happy for the wet down but if I were wearing an uncovered he would have damaged it. The third "non-iPodder" in the last mile or so was in front of me and I had to pass. She stopped dead in her tracks with no regard for people behind, no water stop, nothing. Well, trying to not bowl her over I bounced her pretty hard. That really upset me... no hazard lights... nothing. The race rules were clear... no iPods. Lots of people wore them, cd players and radio headphones. I will never leave mine behind again. There is no difference between the runners with and without in my view. My memory is clear. This was today. ALL HAIL THE MOTIVATIONAL BENEFITS OF THE IPOD! Anyway, it was a training run and I did 1:58 for the half marathon.

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I constantly amaze myself

Posted by wassee Feb 13, 2008

So, if you've been following, you will know that I was out for a little while sick. I was really worried about coming back to running. THe first couple of days were.... so so. But today was freaking awesome!

Four laps around the dam. 6.5 miles. Including the water stopping, etc... 58 minutes.

If you're an elite runner, this may be quite pedestrian. But for me this is incredible. My previous best training session was 59 high and that happened only once.I find it strange, in fact I find this entire running experience quite funny. The human body is quite amazing. If you push it, the body will adapt. It doesn't matter how old you are. I may never be an elite runner but I am having lots of fun trying to run like one.

On another note. I am taking Jo to the heart electrician today. More on this tomorrow.

Until next time....

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My First Day Back

Posted by wassee Feb 11, 2008

I don't think I can really express how fantastic it was to get running again. It was not without pain however. My first two miles had me hobbling with pain in my knees. I never had that before so I suppose it's because I hadn't run for 2 weeks. I ran ok at the end and felt pretty good. I will soon be on track. It's a water running day tomorrow. Oh, before I forget. Jo had to go to the cardiologist today. She needs to see the heart electrician. More on this in upcoming posts.

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Being sick sucks!

Posted by wassee Feb 8, 2008

The last time I ran was at the ING Miami half marathon. I had such an incredible time. And my run result was way faster than expected. Naturally I thought nothing could stop me now. I seemed to have forgotten I am 41 and only just started running. I was hit by a bronchial infection, that's a pretty word for a cold. It is now 2 weeks since I have run, I feel lazy, fat and slow. I lost a little weight though, muscle probably. That sucks as well. Anyway, tomorrow is another day. I may help the Jamdammers as a water angel or as I am now known by Nick of the Jamdammers... a "King Monster Water Baddie". Clearly not as feminine. I am attaching a couple of pix to christen this blog. Enjoy. I will let you know how it goes tomorrow.

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