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Being sick sucks!

Posted by wassee on Feb 8, 2008 1:06:42 PM

The last time I ran was at the ING Miami half marathon. I had such an incredible time. And my run result was way faster than expected. Naturally I thought nothing could stop me now. I seemed to have forgotten I am 41 and only just started running. I was hit by a bronchial infection, that's a pretty word for a cold. It is now 2 weeks since I have run, I feel lazy, fat and slow. I lost a little weight though, muscle probably. That sucks as well. Anyway, tomorrow is another day. I may help the Jamdammers as a water angel or as I am now known by Nick of the Jamdammers... a "King Monster Water Baddie". Clearly not as feminine. I am attaching a couple of pix to christen this blog. Enjoy. I will let you know how it goes tomorrow.

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I am creating this blog today as a way to record all the great things that happen in my personal/running life. If anyone is interested, great. If not... well, I will show my Grandkids.

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