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I constantly amaze myself

Posted by wassee on Feb 13, 2008 9:31:02 AM

So, if you've been following, you will know that I was out for a little while sick. I was really worried about coming back to running. THe first couple of days were.... so so. But today was freaking awesome!

Four laps around the dam. 6.5 miles. Including the water stopping, etc... 58 minutes.

If you're an elite runner, this may be quite pedestrian. But for me this is incredible. My previous best training session was 59 high and that happened only once.I find it strange, in fact I find this entire running experience quite funny. The human body is quite amazing. If you push it, the body will adapt. It doesn't matter how old you are. I may never be an elite runner but I am having lots of fun trying to run like one.

On another note. I am taking Jo to the heart electrician today. More on this tomorrow.

Until next time....

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I am creating this blog today as a way to record all the great things that happen in my personal/running life. If anyone is interested, great. If not... well, I will show my Grandkids.

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