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Active Expert: Jeff Galloway

July 2007

You can do it!


I can identify with the average North American who is obese (or almost) and doesn’t want to exercise.  I started running as a fat, lazy teenager only because my high school required enrollment in an after-school physical activity.  Because of the fun I had with my running friends, I learned to enjoy at least parts of every workout.  While I struggled hard to see significant improvement during the first 4 years, I didn’t give up and to my surprise qualified for the US Olympic team fourteen years later.  The journey was bumpy, but full of good memories and meaningful challenges.


Like many new runners, I was frustrated by the conflicting opinions about every aspect of training.  It has become my mission to sort through these and find the most time-efficient plan to achieve goals and enjoy every run—injury free.  When I opened my Phidippides running store (now 2 stores in Atlanta) in 1973, years ago, I learned from those I advised.  When they asked for half day running schools, wonderful retreats, and coaching I organized these.  I’ve now advised over 250,000 runners to their goals and want to help others avoid the mistakes I made early.  One of the running achievements of which I’m most proud is that I haven’t been sidelined by an overuse injury in over 29 years.   


Each week, in this blog, you’ll find tools that have helped thousands to manage their running experience: maximizing enjoyment and motivation, while reducing the chance of injury and frustration.   I’ll introduce you to the discoveries I’ve made in researching my books, such as RUNNING UNTIL YOU’RE 100, & A WOMAN’S GUIDE TO RUNNING (written with my wife Barbara).  For example, you may find it surprising as you read the research studies inside which show that runners have healthier joints than those who don’t run—years and years later.


I also want to encourage you to help others enjoy running, through run-walk-run ™ and other simple tips.  Helping someone to improve the quality of his/her life has given me more satisfaction than I’ve received from  running itself. 


Jeff Galloway

US Olympian


Jeff's experience comes from coaching over 250,000 during the past 35 years through his Galloway training programs, running schools, Tahoe and Beach retreats, e-coaching, and individualized consultations.

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