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The Best Lap Pool in the U.S.

Posted by Jim Kaese on Jun 25, 2008 11:56:59 AM


Over the past few years, I've seen hundreds, if not thousands, of lap pools across the U.S. and the world--part of my job discovering hotel gyms, run routes, health clubs and the like for travelers.



I have to say (and am actually proud to write) that the best lap pool in the U.S. has to be my home water box at Coronado Aquatic Center.






1.  It's outdoors - in the beautiful SoCal sunshine and year round moderate climate



2.  It's huge - 12 lanes, 50 meters and runs long course (50 meters) at least 3x/week



3.  It's new - dug and built in 2006



4.  It's competition quality - backstroke flags, pace clocks galore, always around 80 degrees Farenheit, and good depth



5.  It's not crowded - throughout the day, swimmers rarely have to share a lane & kids/recreational swimmers are kept in a separate pool



6.  It's cheap - non-resident drop-in fees are only $5



7.  It's friendly - even the former Olympians swim here with a smile



Anyone disagree?  Take a look for yourself:





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