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Arena X-Glide Body Suit for Ironman Hawaii Swim

Posted by Jim Kaese on Jul 29, 2009 9:42:27 PM

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Those familiar with Ironman Hawaii know that wetsuits are not allowed during the swim.  However, swim bodysuits are legal and with the recent results of the Arena X-Glide Body Suit at this year's swimming World Championships in Rome, Kona participantsespecially those with a slow swimmay want to consider buying one.





Swimmers wearing the suit (which will be banned by FINA in May 2010) have shattered multiple long standing records over the past couple of days.  Even Michael Phelps was crushed by a German wearing the suit in the 200meter freestyle (Phelps is sponsored by Speedo).  The Italian company would be smart to get its product on the racks of U.S. swimstores in a hurry.



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