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June 24, 2008

Future Race!

Posted by Jimmy_D_Jarhead Jun 24, 2008

After running 33 miles this year on my birthday I wanted to find a true race that would allow me to run an official Ultra.  Although it's title is only listed as a marathon it will actually be 33 miles off road and through riverbeds and such.  I am real excited and more then ready for the race.  I have toned down my pace some and began to up my mileage a bit more then normal.  I am also placing some specialized runs in to the program.  I ran a 17 mile long run on Sunday and decided to run through the water at the beach for a few miles out and back.  It was a fun change of pace and the waves, even though minor, just about knocked me down a couple of times.  The race will be in Vermont and is all off road and at times will have me running through a river bed and crossing a river with the aid of a rope.  I have included a link to the page just to give you some fun reading.  Liz and I will fly out Thursday July 24th and spend some valuable time with a friend from the MCM forum and return back on Sunday July 27th.  I wish there was more time but work really has me bogged down.  Come back later for updates.



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