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Posted by Kate Runs Apr 30, 2008


I just sat down and mapped out the route we ran on Saturday to get an accurate mileage before I logged it in ink.  And guess what?!  I actually ran 13.5 miles!  Yes, that is four-tenths a mile longer than the half-marathon! 



It's incredible to me that I've made it to this point.  I started running in February and struggled to go just two miles.  Now, don't get me wrong.  I'm not lighting the world on fire with my speed.  In fact, I'm still running for five minutes and walking one.  But with that 5:1 interval I managed to propel my body 13.5 miles in two hours and 55 minutes.  Hurray!



Thanks for sharing my joy and for encouraging me each step of the way!









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Twelve Miles!

Posted by Kate Runs Apr 29, 2008

It's almost unbelievable.  I run/walked 12 whole miles on Saturday!  Thanks to the fantastic encouragement of my teammates and coaches, I slogged in to the Starbucks parking lot at just under 3 hours.  It was a slow effort but I pushed through and did it!  I am so encouraged, especially since I was able to finish the run without any considerable knee pain.  Yippee!


This week's thanks go to my boys who have been holding down the homefront on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings while I get to run with my team.  Doug and Joshua, I love you!




With one month to go,







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Shoes on!

Posted by Kate Runs Apr 15, 2008

After a week and a half of resting the knee, I put my shoes back on for a two-mile "test the waters" jog on Saturday.  With no knee pain that day, I pressed on and got out there again tonight for our TNT group training run.  3.75 miles later, I am still without knee pain!


This week's thanks go to Dr. Eric who has been working my knee, hip and back into their proper alignment.  Hurray!  I am so encouraged and ready to keep upping the mileage!


Running for a reason,












Want to help?  Click here to go to my campaign website!










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Load v. Capacity

Posted by Kate Runs Apr 7, 2008

This is the lesson I'm learning right now.  The load you can manage is only as great as your capacity. 



most respects, I'm handling the added load of training pretty well.

I've made it as far as 8 miles on a run.  My fundraising is going

amazingly well thanks to all of my wonderful friends and family!  But

now my knee is starting to grumble about the extra load.  So I am now

developing a new strategy... taking a week off from running, icing my

knee and, with the help of a chiropractor who caters to active folks,

I'm working to increase my capacity.  With ten weeks to go, I feel good

about getting this little pain in the knee cleared up and get prepared

before it's time to hit the pavement in San Diego.  To date I've logged 89 miles on the road.  That's almost twice what I ran for all of 2007!




This week's thanks go to Dr. Eric who is getting me back on the trail of pain-free running!



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Happy St. Patrick's Day

Posted by Kate Runs Mar 17, 2008

This weekend marked my first official road race...  The Steve Haydu St. Patick's Day Lo-Tide Run in Carolina Beach was a fun event.  Doug and Joshua joined in and we all completed the 10K!  Six miles of pavement with the final two blocks running (or slogging as was my case) on the beach to the finish.  My boys finished about 5 or 10 minutes ahead of me so it was wonderful to have a greeting committee on the other end of the finish line.


As for training, I put in 15 miles last week and I'm up to 65 miles total since I began in February.  Tomorrow night our team is going to do some hill training in downtown Wilmington.  Should be challenging!


This week's thanks go to my super champ husband Doug for pushing the boy in the stroller and for cheering me on!



Check back soon as I'll keep posting my progress online.





Thanks for reading and encouraging me to the finish line,












Want to donate or help? Simply go to the link below:







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On the road to San Diego...

Posted by Kate Runs Mar 12, 2008

If you had asked me two months ago about running, I would have told you that two miles was a long distance.  But as I embark on training for the *Rock 'n' Roll Half-Marathon in June, I am running two miles on a light day!


To date, I have logged 54 miles of pavement pounding.  But I have about 200 miles more to run as I train.  And this is just a small test of endurance compared to what the real survirvors are up against.  These are the amazing people that have endured and overcome to become heroes in the face of cancer.  I run to honor them.


And I run to honor my sister-in-law who left us at the yound age of 40, but not without a rich legacy of service.   Erin was passionate about the cause of Team in Training.  Although she is no longer with us on earth, her spirit and encouragement live on.  And when I struggle physically as I run, I remember Erin's mantra...  "Be the Change."  Erin lived her life in service to others and it is my desire to carry on her mantle.  So step by step, I am closer to the finish line.







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