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Doing something new

Posted by K.Hall. Jul 8, 2011

Hey everyone, though I would try something new here. I've followed blogs in the past but never had one of my own until now. I hope to meet people with the same passion as mine, endurance sports, running to be more specific.


    A little about myself. I grew up in California, beautiful, sunny, small town Napa. Yes Napa, as in the Napa Valley. I grew up on a skateboard, and made a few movies with friends in town and for the local skate shop. In high school I played Ultimate Frisbee and although no other school in town had a team we made it work by playing games against a few local colleges. I moved to Harlem, New York City right after my 20th birthday. I had never been any more east than Montana and decided I wanted to see what was out there and though why not, why not go as far east as I can right? I hung up my skateboard, and traded my beach cruiser for an old road bike. Seriously though, I traded the beach cruiser I had from someone's old road bike. I started riding my bike through the city but at the time was a pack a day smoker and didn't do it often. A couple years later I moved to the north west. Someone I worked with in NY was from Bellevue and after dating a few years we decided to move to the East side of Seattle. I quit smoking, started running and have not looked back. The winter after moving to Seattle, the worst injury I have ever experienced happened. I was snowboarding and fell the wrong way breaking my collar bone. Four doctors say its the worst break they had ever seen. Fast forward 6 months and it was still broken, finally, surgery. Jump ahead another six months and I am finally given the okay to do what I want again. So with a custom made titanium plate and seven screws, I started hitting the pavement again.


And thats where I am now. I most recently finished my first 10K coming in 4th overall and 1st in my age group (20-29). Coming up in a a few weeks I'll be taking part in the NorthWest Passage Ragnar Relay. A week after that I'll be getting married and will be heading off to greece for two weeks, three or four days after we return I will be taking part in the Beaver Lake Triathlon, not the whole thing though just the swim and the run, and in September I will be running my first half marathon. I hope to complete at least one more Half this season and will most likely take part in the Seattle Rock N' Roll marathon. I have many goals for myself and look forward to pushing myself toward them.


Check back and keep in touch if you like I'll be posting photos from runs and more fun findings I come across.



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Zombie Runner

Posted by K.Hall. Jun 27, 2011

I took a trip home to CA last weekend and though it would be nice to go out and find a local run while I was there. Found a trail run put on but a running store in the Bay Area called Zombie Runner. There was either a 10k or Half marathon option. Seeing as how I have never actually done either in an offical race, nor have I ever done a trail run befroe, I though it would be best to do the smaller of the two and took on the 10k. Who whould have though that my first 10K and trail run would end so well. I ended up finishing 4th in the 10K over all and 1st in my age group (20-29). It was the best way to spend a vacation in my book.



Here I am crossing the finish.

Zombie runner.jpg

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