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Day 3

Posted by Ashley60033 Apr 30, 2009

Hello. Lucky for me,yesterday was a rest day, so I did just that. My legs were aching horribly.Unfortunatly, it was also weight-in. Up till now, I lost 9 lbs in 2 weeks. Well, I gained back 4. I know! I was devastated. I've decided to exercise every day following my plan and doing a walking video on my days off. No more McDonalds ice cream cones either.It says that they're 2 points assuming its fat free. They dont five you any other option so I assumed that the ice cream was fat free anyway. I am not making that assumption anymore. I'm goping to use ice cream as a reward now.My leader says that if you had a good week, the weight has to come off eventually.So, I'm sticking to that. I'm also retaining some water for some reason. My ancles are swollen. So...I shall stay on track and be diligent enough to loose what I gained and maybe a little extra just so that I can say I'm still in the negative after 4 weeks. I hate these weeks. When you feel like you're doing so well and then all the sudden, you're fat again. Its weird how when you think you're doing well, you feel thinner and good about yourself, but the moment you find out you didnt actually loose any feel fat and embarrased all over again. Oh well, I learned my lesson.I'm also going to try and not use my bonus points at least until I can get back on track. Well, I have to go to work. I hope everyones week is going well. Until tomorrow.....stay thin.

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Day 2  post workout

Posted by Ashley60033 Apr 29, 2009


Hello. Tuesday was Day 2 of my Training. I  only had to walk. Well, only walking is alot harder when its 90 degrees out. But, I did it at work on my lunch break. I came back all red and sweaty...not attractive. My legs are really sore and Day 3 is the run walk program again. How I'm going to do that seems almost impossible. I also bartended Tuesday night. I ate a lot but I think I stayed in my points so we will see. Today is weigh in day for me so...the scale will tell. Not a very exciting blog today. Stay tuned for the day after my  next run.Feel free to write anything about anything back!



Keep it up cyber loosers   :o)









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DAY 1/2

Posted by Ashley60033 Apr 28, 2009

Well Good morning. Yesterday was my firest day training with the Walk-It Challenge. I tried to write a blog but there was an error so I have to catch up on. So, I purchased running shoes and a stop watch and I thought "I'm set". Im ready mentally to get rid of this weight and become myself again. I took one step on that pavement and I thought "What the **** was I thinking? It's a million degrees out here, Im chubby trying to run and a minute is way more than I thought" Who thought the same thing? I mean really, here's a list of all the things that I was thinking as I was running for one minute and walking for 2.


-I cant do this -Its so freakin hot - What was I thinking? - This sucks -Why didnt I pick someplace flat and non-hilly? -Who's going to know If I moral compass -Only 30 more seconds - Im pretty sure I can walk faster than Im running right now -An ice cream would be awesome -I can start tomorrow...Ill just walk today -That 5 k will suck if you dont work hard now -No one said loosing weight was easy - You got yourself here -It's only 1 minute. -I can do it -Push myself -Dont quit -This is a gift for yourself.Dont take it away


And still I managed to huff and puff my way thru a warm up, cool down and 7 minutes of running. I came home almost unable to walk but somehow, I felt great. I felt like for once, I was controlling my weight, not my weight controlling me. For those 31 minutes I didnt care what I looked like,what other people thought as I huffed by at snail speed, how much weight I really had to loose to be happy, etc. I was only thinking about finishing. And my leader wa right. You have to take things one step at a time. I cant run more than that minute right now but I know I will be able to if I keep trying. I now I cant loose 90 lbs in a week, but I know I'll be able to if I keep trying.


So today is day 2 and I thinkfully get to walk. I have work my second job tonight so I have to walk at my lunch break. I know it's crazy but I somehow felt excited knowing that all I had to do was walk today. I can leave my work for a scenic walk while making progress toward my goal. Go me! SO today, I will walk those 30 minutes the same way I ran my 7 yesterday, withought thinking about anything trivial but my goal for the day.



Have a great day cyber peeps. Dont give up! Because the chances are, whatever excuses you're conjuring, I've already used them, whatever complaints you have, I've said them, and whatever aches you feel, I feel them too. See you tomorrow!



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