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Day 3

Posted by Ashley60033 on Apr 30, 2009 3:45:40 AM

Hello. Lucky for me,yesterday was a rest day, so I did just that. My legs were aching horribly.Unfortunatly, it was also weight-in. Up till now, I lost 9 lbs in 2 weeks. Well, I gained back 4. I know! I was devastated. I've decided to exercise every day following my plan and doing a walking video on my days off. No more McDonalds ice cream cones either.It says that they're 2 points assuming its fat free. They dont five you any other option so I assumed that the ice cream was fat free anyway. I am not making that assumption anymore. I'm goping to use ice cream as a reward now.My leader says that if you had a good week, the weight has to come off eventually.So, I'm sticking to that. I'm also retaining some water for some reason. My ancles are swollen. So...I shall stay on track and be diligent enough to loose what I gained and maybe a little extra just so that I can say I'm still in the negative after 4 weeks. I hate these weeks. When you feel like you're doing so well and then all the sudden, you're fat again. Its weird how when you think you're doing well, you feel thinner and good about yourself, but the moment you find out you didnt actually loose any feel fat and embarrased all over again. Oh well, I learned my lesson.I'm also going to try and not use my bonus points at least until I can get back on track. Well, I have to go to work. I hope everyones week is going well. Until tomorrow.....stay thin.

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