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Cat/Cow Pose

Posted by L. Druxman Jun 4, 2009




Cat/Cow Pose. Such a funny name and the first time I did it, frankly

I felt silly! In Kundalini Yoga, this is a safe way to stretch your

spine and open your heart and throat chakras.



I was way past teacher’s training, and had actually been teaching

daily classes for a couple of years when I was pregnant and in a

couple’s pregnancy workshop with my mentor and teacher, Gurmukh, at

Golden Bridge Yoga. She had us get into cat/cow pose and face each

other as partners (spouse to spouse - lover to lover) and do the pose

saying “meow” when we were in cat and “moo” when we were in cow. Boy

did we ever laugh at that…the whole class. And she stopped us and said,

“This is your 1st lesson as a parent, learn how to make simple things

fun and that is how you will connect with your children.” Talk about a

different take on the “practice” of yoga.



So, this is a great pose to do when you are pregnant, it is a safe

and effective way to stretch your spine and practice breathing with

movement. Also, concentrate on your heart and throat chakras opening,

and feel the love and communication flowing…and above all, laugh a

little…lighten up!



Come on all 4’s with your palms flat on the ground, pressing your

full thumb into the floor. Feel centered and adjust yourself as needed.

Take a big breath in and out. Then inhale as you slowly stretch your

head and neck up toward the ceiling while simultaneously pressing thru

your heart into your palms and allowing your tailbone to lift up toward

the ceiling. On the exhale curve your spine into a full round, chin

toward chest, pelvic tilted toward the head…just like a cat. Repeat,

slowly working your way up to15x’s. If you get dizzy or light headed,

stop and breath deeply. Always check with your medical provider before

beginning any exercise program.



Alisa Donner, MSW, LCSW, Yoga Teacher, Co-founder of PAM, and a mom 



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No one said that eating healthier would be easier. But here are some

tips that will save you time in your quest for more nutritious meals.




When making dinner, make twice as much — keeping the extra for

lunches the next day. If you are cooking two chicken breasts, you might

as well cook four. If you are making salad, pull out a to-go container

and throw an extra serving in it for the next day.




These tips are provided for eco-conscious moms and are a collaboration from Stroller Strides and Luna Moms Club



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You shouldn’t workout during pregnancy if you were not previously

engaged in an exercise program prior to becoming pregnant:









ACSM states a healthy woman may continue with her regular exercise regimen or begin a new program during pregnancy.

If you have not exercised prior, start slow and build up gradually.

Consistency is most important. <!--

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Groceries: YES, Please!

Posted by L. Druxman May 7, 2009

The market can be your greatest friend (and enemy) when you are on

the road to healthy eating. It helps to have a plan and know what to

look for. Here is your YES list of things to buy…


YES - Food Shopping Checklist



Dairy – Look for organic, no hormone products. When possible, choose white cheese over yellow.

Cottage Cheese          Ricotta Cheese               Milk

Goat Cheese               Whole milk cheese          Muenster Cheese

Yogurt                     Kefir                    Feta Cheese



Lean Proteins (Meat, Fish, Poultry & Eggs) - (Hormone free, antibiotic free, range fed)

Tuna                    Halibut                    Tilapia

Salmon                    Shark                    Lean beef

White Meat Chicken          White Meat Pork          White Meat Turkey




Fats & Oils – Use sparingly. These fats are safe to use while cooking. All are not.

Butter                     Extra virgin olive oil          Almond Oil

Avocado Oil               Canola Oil               Grapeseed Oil



Fruits - Best if Fresh & organic, preferably from local farms. Choose variety.

Apple               Dates               Mangos               Pineapples

Apricots          Figs               Melons               Persimmons

Avocados          Grapefruit          Nectarines          Pomegranates

Bananas          Grapes               Oranges          Plums

Blackberries          Guavas               Tangerines          Prunes

Blueberries          Kiwi               Papayas          Raisins

Boysenberries          Lemons               Peaches          Strawberries

Cherries          Limes               Pears                Watermelon



Vegetables – Best if Fresh & organic, preferably from local farms. Choose variety.

Bell Peppers          Eggplant          Onions               Broccoli

Fennel               Parsley               Brussels Sprouts     Garlic

Peppers          Cabbage          Green Beans          Radishes

Carrots               Hearts of palm          Snow peas          Cauliflower

Jicama               Spinach          Celery               Kale

Squash               Collard Greens          Lettuce               Sweet Potatoes

Cucumber          Mushrooms          Tomatoes



Nuts and Seeds – Good source of protein and fat. Do watch quantity.

Pecans               Cashews          Pine nuts           Almonds

Macadamia nuts     Walnuts          Sunflower seeds     Pumpkin seeds

Peanut butters          Other Nut & Seed butters



Grains & Legumes – Buy in natural state.

Organic dried beans     Barley               Lentils

Buckwheat          Brown rice          Couscous

Whole grains          Polenta               Whole grain breakfast cereals

Wild Rice          Whole Grain Pasta     Quinoa



Snack Foods

Whole grain pretzels          Rye crispbread

Whole grain rice cakes          Rye Wafters (wasa)

Baked corn tortilla chips          Wheat melba toast



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Groceries: Just Say NO!

Posted by L. Druxman May 2, 2009

Don’t be tempted when at the market. Know what to say NO to!


Avoid foods that are empty or that can do us harm, such as:


•     Refined Sugars

•     White Flour

•     Hydrogenated or Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils

•     MSG and other Food Additives




Dairy – Many cheeses have added chemicals and coloring. Avoid

processed cheese. Read labels. Avoid sweetened yogurts and products

that say “lite”. They are usually sweetened with aspartame.




Lean Proteins (Meat, Fish, Poultry & Eggs) – Beware of packaged

meats – filled with nitrates and sodium. Avoid fish sticks, chicken

nuggets and other processed proteins.




Fats & Oils – Many oils such as corn oil, sesame seed oil and

flaxseed oil are NOT safe to cook with. Use cold or pure pressed oils.


Crisco and other shortenings.




Fruits – Stay away from canned fruits, fruit juices and punches when possible.




Vegetables – Avoid canned vegetables.




Nuts and Seeds – Avoid canned, roasted nuts. Avoid nut butters with hydrogenated oils.




Grains & Legumes – Crackers, breads etc almost always have

hydrogenated fats and enriched wheat flour. Look for whole grain or

whole wheat. Wheat flour is the same as white flour.



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I’ve heard for a long time now that childhood obesity is on the rise

due to the lack of exercise and super size eating of our kids. They

play video games instead of sports, don’t have P.E. in schools and have

very few physical labor chores. But it’s not just the kids who are

suffering. I personally realized this week a small example of how we

are taking physical labor out of our lives. I was making a dish with a

half dozen grated potatoes. When I went to use my food processor, it

was broken. I almost decided not to make the dish. But then I

remembered the real way is to grate potatoes by hand. So I did. Phew!

It was a lot of work. I felt it in my triceps and really put muscle

into it. This was how my grandma cooked all the time. We have to be

careful. We have made our lives so easy that we don’t need to move. If

you’ve ever seen the kids’ movide Wall-E, you will know why I’m

concerned. They envisioned a world of obese people who never needed to

get up for anything because technology brought served them. Think about

it. Today, there are remotes that can turn on our Television, our

lights and maybe even adjust our a/c. Even if technology hasn’t taken

over everything, many people hire out physical chores such as cleaning,

washing the car, etc. Be careful! It’s good to move. It’s good for your

body, for your brain and your spirit.

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MYTH - You should cut back exercise in the last trimester


You might cut down the intensity, but you should remain consistent.

It’s important to continue at a similar RPE throughout the pregnancy.



As long as you have no medical conditions

that prevent exercise, it is safe to continue your exercise program

throughout your pregnancy. Many athletes continue to train during their

pregnancies—even in the third trimester—with no adverse affects. If you

aren’t accustomed to exercise, start slow. It is important not to

exhaust or overheat yourself. Even a brisk walk offers many health

benefits and may ease some of your discomfort.



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When your goal is health, you want to choose foods that are low in

sodium. Excess sodium intake is linked to: hypertension/high blood

pressure and heart disease, fluid retention and kidney stones. The

current recommendation is to consume less than 2,400 mg of sodium per

day. That equals about 1 teaspon of table salt. Many health and fitness

experts recommend a daily intake of 1,000 mg. Needless to say, that is

substantially lower than most American’s eat. You will probably be

amazed at your salt intake if you started measuring it. During

pregnancy and shortly thereafter, you are more likely to have fluid

retention. So if you want to be healthy and look lean, keep your salt

intake way down!



-Buy “lower-sodium” foods in your diet, whenever possible.

- Check sodium-content on food labels: choose lower sodium brands.

- Don’t add salt when cooking.

- Go easy when adding salt at the table.

- Reduce intake of salty snacks.

- Reduce intake of fast food.

- Stay away from processed meats and cheeses

- Buy lower-sodium breakfast cereals

-Check canned foods for sodium content. If using foods canned in water, rinse thoroughly before eating.

- In general, look for FRESH and NATURAL foods



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Bite Size Pieces

Posted by L. Druxman Apr 16, 2009


My workout partner[ Farel|] and I are often amazed at how good of shape people are in at our gym. We are, after all, fitness professionals. You would think that people would be watching us. They’re not. So we were watching these two amazing women doing pull ups. Another woman came up and commented on the strength of the gals. We told her that we’ve set a goal this month inspired by them. “Oh yeah, how many pull ups are you going to do?” she asked. “Just one”, we answered. She laughed. It’s not that we set the bar low. We are just realistic. Right now, neither of us can even do one pull up. If we train to do one this month, then maybe next time we can do two. My point is not to be overwhelmed by any goal. Cut it into the smallest bite size piece and go for it!





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Snap, Crackle, Pop!

Posted by L. Druxman Apr 13, 2009

Squeaky knees, stiff necks, aching backs or tender joints-  we’ve all encountered bodily creaks as we head into our day. How much we should do while our bodies sound  like a popular morning cereal, emitting a “snap, crackle, pop”?


A general rule of thumb is: if you find your mobility significantly decreased, or have pain that does not go away in 48 hours, you should see a health care provider for diagnosis and treatment (WebMd). At Stroller Strides, we also ask you to simply listen to your body. If your mind is telling you to slow down, or avoid movement, then listen to your gut and rest.


For run-of-the-mill aches or stiffness associated with motherhood and pregnancy, stretching exercises will help increase your flexibility and help you work out the kinks. Strength training will also help you build muscle, have stronger bones, and increase your functional fitness levels. The more you work at increasing flexibility, the less likely you are to have injury and stiffness in the long run.


One of the best stretches for aches is the pelvic tilt, as it decreases stress on the back and is the building block of good posture.



Pelvic Tilt:




Do the pelvic tilt on your hands and knees, keeping your head in line with your back. Pull in your stomach and arch your back upward. Hold this position for several seconds. Then relax your stomach and back, keeping your back flat and not allowing your stomach to sag. I like to practice this stretch along with a long child’s pose for a total body stretch and relaxation period. To do child’s pose push your bottom back onto your heels with arms extended, forehead down and hold while you breathe deeply.


The next time you are stiff or sore, try these stretches to get your blood flowing, your body limber, and your kinks worked out.




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Food Awareness is Key

Posted by L. Druxman Apr 11, 2009

1) Keep a food diary.


Taking the time to write down exactly what you eat and drink everyday will allow you to get a better idea of why you may not be accomplishing your desired goals.  Estimate calories wherever you can. Maybe you’re eating too much, or possibly not enough.  Does your diary show multiply trips to Starbucks each day? Are you eating enough fruits and vegetables? A food diary will allow you to make an accurate analysis of your eating habits so that you can improve upon them, and then actually track your own progress. The food & exercise log that I use and recommend is FitBook- it is an excellent way to document everything you do, track your goals and see all of the things you've accomplished. 





2) Sit down for at least 3 meals a day.




This means no eating at your desk, in your car, at the playground, or in front of the television.  It also means that you don’t skip breakfast, lunch or dinner! Even more impressive is if you can sit down for two or three additional snacks as well, but that may be pushing it!  If your focus is on your computer, watching your children, talking on the phone, watching television, etc., you aren’t truly aware of the calories that you’re consuming.  Chances are that by not listening to your body, you won’t know when you feel full and should stop eating, and that is what leads to a quick extra 3,500 calories each week. 





3) Cut out junk food and take-out for one week. 




This might be really hard for some of us, and I understand the challenges.  But for a single week, eat as clean of a diet as you can.  Brown bag it to work, or pack a cooler each day with fresh fruits and vegetables, complex carbohydrates, and lean proteins.  You may be tired at the end of the day, but for one week, resist the urge to order out.  At the end of this week, review how you’re feeling overall. 




My guess is going to be that if you incorporate fresh organic choices into your diet and cut out the junk (which is usually packed with excess calories and sodium), you’ll find that both your body and mind perform at an improved level. And if you like the results after one week, keep it going!





Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, or you just want to establish healthier eating habits, these tips will help you move in the right direction. There are more tips at



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The Calorie Connection

Posted by L. Druxman Apr 9, 2009


Calories, calories, calories. It is almost a bad word isn't it?





They seem to be everywhere and we are always hearing about them. We all know that we need to reduce our intake of calories to lose weight, but what exactly is a calorie? According to the dictionary, a calorie is the unit of heat equal to the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 kilogram of water by 10C at 1 atmosphere pressure.







Now, let’s discuss it in real-life terms. The first thing to understand is that every food and almost every liquid (except for water, tea, coffee, and some diet drinks) contains calories.







• One gram of fat contains approximately 8 calories

• One gram of carbohydrate and 1 gram of protein contain approximately 4 calories each.

• One pound of body fat contains approximately 3,500 calories.







3,500 calories seems like a lot, but over the course of one week (7 days), all you have to do is consume 500 extra calories a day and you’ll gain a pound. 







On the flip side, if you reduce your caloric intake and/or work out, you can burn an extra 500 calories each day and lose a pound. 

The first step to take in any weight loss, weight gain, or improved nutrition program is to become more aware of your own body and what you are putting into it every day. 







Raise your hand if you’ve ever blindly shoved meals or snacks into your mouth during a brief break from work, taking care of your family, or keeping a home. This distracted eating leads to a distinct disconnect with our bodies, which is ironic because the food we eat is the fuel that allows us to keep moving and get everything done!

So how do you become more aware? Stay tuned for some real-life tips and check out the Stroller Strides website for more ideas on thoughtful eating.



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Write It Down!

Posted by L. Druxman Jan 13, 2009

In keeping with staying on track for New Year's Resolutions, I am telling you to document your year. Track your progress by writing down your workouts and your food intake. If you aren't getting the results you want, you can see that it might be because of the double soy lattes or the skipped Stroller Strides class. When it's in black and white, there's no denying it. Also, you are more likely to stay on track if you know it's going to be documented. I personally use the fitbook to track my days. I especially like it because it's compact, stylish and helps me track my mood. Please share your questions and success stories!

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Ok, I know this sounds overwhelming if you are already having trouble getting a workout in. But here's my thought on this. Let's say you plan to workout on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Monday, your baby is sick and you miss your Stroller Strides class. On Friday, you aren't feeling well and miss that workout. Now, you have just worked out on Wednesday. Yes, you could say "I'll just workout on other days to make up for it". But that doesn't really work. Let's face it. Our days are packed as moms from wake to sleep. You have playdates, your errands to run, work, etc. So consider this, PLAN to exercise every day. Literally put it in your appointment book and find a way to get it in on most if not all days. Some days may be lighter or shorter, but you are moving regularly. Then, when appointments come up, you won't have to feel bad that you only exercised one day this week.


SHARE! What's your strategy to get your workouts in?



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What?s The Plan

Posted by L. Druxman Jan 5, 2009

I'm going to write a lot about making your New Year's Resolutions come true! I'm writing from my own personal quest. Last year I set a goal to get in the best shape of my life. Too vague! I should know better. I think in many ways that I did commit and make strides in my own personal fitness. I was far more consistent in exercising than I had been in previous years. BUT, I just got on the scale (something I do not normally do) and found myself almost 10 pounds heavier than the previous January. Uh oh! I'm the first one to know that body weight isn't worth it's weight. You don't know how much is fat and how much is lean body mass. But, somehow 10 pounds doesn't feel quite right. This year, I have a plan. I am going to get my body fat measured so I can know that I'm truly putting on muscle and not fat. To keep on track, I am scheduling all of my workouts on my calendar so that nothing can get in the way. And, I am using the FitBook to track my eating intake. For me, it's not so much about counting calories or fat, as it is making sure that I'm eating whole foods and getting in enough fruits, vegetables and water. What's your plan for the New Year?

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