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Currently Being Moderated

I've been a fitness professional for nearly two decades. I've learned the foundations of fitness from conferences to books to certifications. But it wasn't until I became pregnant with my first child that I realized what it meant to take care of my health. It changed my perspective on everything. I ate to fuel my body, my baby. I exercised in moderation - not too much, not too little. I stressed less and meditated more. I never forgot to take my prenatal vitamin and I made sure to drink my suggested water allotment each day. Yes, I had that glow. But was it from pregnancy or was it because I took better care of myself for 40 weeks than I ever had in my life? After Jacob was born, I continued on this path as I still felt that I was fueling my baby. I was a nursing mom and I wanted to pass my good health on to my new son. As he has grown older (now 7), I still embrace this way of health. It occurred to me that my pregnancy regime was what health was all about. We should all take care of ourselves as if we were growing a baby. What we won't do for ourselves, we will do for your children. This can last you far beyond pregnancy as you are always a model mom for your children. They will learn about healthy eating, exercise and wellness from you. You are the ultimate teacher and guide.

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