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Inspiration and Motivation

Posted by L. Druxman on Apr 29, 2008 2:09:11 PM

I once sat in a fitness conference where the presenter was the trainer for Madonna and Tom Hanks. The audience wanted to know what his secret was for getting them in such great shape. His answer surprised me and stuck with me. He said that it's not his secret, but it is their opportunity that gets them results. They have multi million dollar contracts and their reputation on the line. That motivates them to listen and to be disciplined. We were all inspired when we saw the results on Biggest Loser. The winner, Ali, made unbelievable changes that inspired the country. Of course, she was motivated to be healthier and thinner but the $250,000 prize was a major motivator. Most of us say we want to lose weight or to get in to shape and we get excited about how we think we will look or feel. But then life gets in the way and the enticement of dessert or a glass of wine seem more powerful than the result we are trying to achieve. That's because what's inspiring you isn't strong enough. You need to get very tuned in to the pleasure that you will receive when you achieve your result and very tuned in to the pain that you will receive if you don't. If there is no downside, no pain to you staying as you are, then you probably won't make the change. So, take some time and get very clear on what you want to achieve and what your plan is to do it. PLAN for the obstacles that have gotten in your way before and know how you are going to take a different approach. What happens when you keep doing the same things over and over but expect a different result? Make sure you do something different to get the result you want. Consider giving yourself a big reward for accomplishing your goals. Make it public to your friends and family so you have some pressure to stick with it. Keep it exciting and keep it positive so it doesn't seem like punishment. We are more likely to do what makes us feel good!


Activity - Write down what you want to achieve with your health and fitness. Write down 3 things that could get in your way. Now write down how you will overcome those obstacles. Write down 3 things that inspire you. Now write down how you will bring those things in to your daily life so you stay inspired.

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