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Frog Leg Press

Posted by L. Druxman Jul 30, 2008


  Most moms in Stroller Strides tell us that their hips and thighs are a trouble spot after having a baby. This exercise targets those troublesome areas.

Lay down onto the back and anchor the feet with a forward foot wrap (shown above). Anchor elbows down by the waist and bend the knees down to the outside of the abdomen, like frog legs. Squeezing the inner thighs, slowly press the legs back up, contracting the quadriceps at the top of the movement.



- Core should remain tight to support the spine

- Keep knees soft at the top, don't lock them out.











For less intensity, feel free to perform this exercise without tubing/resistance.



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Eat A Rainbow

Posted by L. Druxman Jul 30, 2008

Do you eat enough vegetables? Probably not! Almost all of us need to eat more! Why are they so great you ask? Fruits and vegetables contain essential vitamins and nutrients and fiber which may prevent disease and aid in metabolism. Do your best to eat a "rainbow" of colors when choosing your fruits and vegetables. Each color has its own health benefits and ensures the variety that your body needs. Find ways to sneak fruits and vegetables in at virtually every meal.


Breakfast ideas: spinach in your eggs, tomato and lettuce on toast, avocado on an english muffin

Snack ideas: dip any variety of vegetables in to dips like hummus, salsa or lowfat dressings. Edamame

Dinner: Beyond salads and your typical veggie sides, throw chopped veggies in to sauces, meatloaf and casseroles.


If you are a mom, commit to making vegetables a part of your child's diet right from the start. Don't assume that they won't like something and don't shy away from it just because they don't like it on the first try. Make it a staple of your daily living.



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