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Are You A Model Mom?

Posted by L. Druxman on Sep 4, 2008 1:31:19 PM


  One thing all new moms have in common is the desire to lose weight. But when you're consumed with motherhood and restricted from dieting due to breastfeeding the challenge is often hard. My goal is to help moms eat a healthful diet while feeding their new baby. As your baby eats new foods, so will you. You are their model for healthy eating. The good news is that when you eat healthy, so do they. When they eat healthy, so do you! You need to model healthy eating behavior day in and day out. It's not enough to say that they should do so. They should see you eat your fruits, vegetables and wholesome foods. Most of all, they should see you eat. It is not uncommon that the moms with picky eaters are also the moms who are always on diets.



Most parents feed kids foods that they normally eat. You are exposing your children to a limited world of eating. Instead, bring new types of foods into the house for everyone to enjoy.



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