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I Bet You'll Want More

Posted by L. Druxman Aug 6, 2008

[|mental fitness]I had one of those weeks where I just had to skip my workouts. Long days of appointments and travel kept me from my normal routine. I found that my eating choices also declined. I just didn't seem to care as much. It's not surprising that I felt tired, unmotivated and not so great about my physical body. It dawned on me that this is how most of America lives every day. It makes me sad to know that most people don't even know how good they would feel if they just took better care of themselves. The health part is obvious but you also have more energy and a better outlook. Today, I got back in to the gym and I felt great. I actually wanted to go to the local health food market to get a healthy green drink concoction. It's almost automatic. The more you take care of yourself, the more you WANT to take care of yourself. Each small step will build on success. So go out and just do it. I promise you'll want to do more!

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