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You shouldn’t workout during pregnancy if you were not previously

engaged in an exercise program prior to becoming pregnant:









ACSM states a healthy woman may continue with her regular exercise regimen or begin a new program during pregnancy.

If you have not exercised prior, start slow and build up gradually.

Consistency is most important. <!--

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Groceries: YES, Please!

Posted by L. Druxman May 7, 2009

The market can be your greatest friend (and enemy) when you are on

the road to healthy eating. It helps to have a plan and know what to

look for. Here is your YES list of things to buy…


YES - Food Shopping Checklist



Dairy – Look for organic, no hormone products. When possible, choose white cheese over yellow.

Cottage Cheese          Ricotta Cheese               Milk

Goat Cheese               Whole milk cheese          Muenster Cheese

Yogurt                     Kefir                    Feta Cheese



Lean Proteins (Meat, Fish, Poultry & Eggs) - (Hormone free, antibiotic free, range fed)

Tuna                    Halibut                    Tilapia

Salmon                    Shark                    Lean beef

White Meat Chicken          White Meat Pork          White Meat Turkey




Fats & Oils – Use sparingly. These fats are safe to use while cooking. All are not.

Butter                     Extra virgin olive oil          Almond Oil

Avocado Oil               Canola Oil               Grapeseed Oil



Fruits - Best if Fresh & organic, preferably from local farms. Choose variety.

Apple               Dates               Mangos               Pineapples

Apricots          Figs               Melons               Persimmons

Avocados          Grapefruit          Nectarines          Pomegranates

Bananas          Grapes               Oranges          Plums

Blackberries          Guavas               Tangerines          Prunes

Blueberries          Kiwi               Papayas          Raisins

Boysenberries          Lemons               Peaches          Strawberries

Cherries          Limes               Pears                Watermelon



Vegetables – Best if Fresh & organic, preferably from local farms. Choose variety.

Bell Peppers          Eggplant          Onions               Broccoli

Fennel               Parsley               Brussels Sprouts     Garlic

Peppers          Cabbage          Green Beans          Radishes

Carrots               Hearts of palm          Snow peas          Cauliflower

Jicama               Spinach          Celery               Kale

Squash               Collard Greens          Lettuce               Sweet Potatoes

Cucumber          Mushrooms          Tomatoes



Nuts and Seeds – Good source of protein and fat. Do watch quantity.

Pecans               Cashews          Pine nuts           Almonds

Macadamia nuts     Walnuts          Sunflower seeds     Pumpkin seeds

Peanut butters          Other Nut & Seed butters



Grains & Legumes – Buy in natural state.

Organic dried beans     Barley               Lentils

Buckwheat          Brown rice          Couscous

Whole grains          Polenta               Whole grain breakfast cereals

Wild Rice          Whole Grain Pasta     Quinoa



Snack Foods

Whole grain pretzels          Rye crispbread

Whole grain rice cakes          Rye Wafters (wasa)

Baked corn tortilla chips          Wheat melba toast



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Groceries: Just Say NO!

Posted by L. Druxman May 2, 2009

Don’t be tempted when at the market. Know what to say NO to!


Avoid foods that are empty or that can do us harm, such as:


•     Refined Sugars

•     White Flour

•     Hydrogenated or Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils

•     MSG and other Food Additives




Dairy – Many cheeses have added chemicals and coloring. Avoid

processed cheese. Read labels. Avoid sweetened yogurts and products

that say “lite”. They are usually sweetened with aspartame.




Lean Proteins (Meat, Fish, Poultry & Eggs) – Beware of packaged

meats – filled with nitrates and sodium. Avoid fish sticks, chicken

nuggets and other processed proteins.




Fats & Oils – Many oils such as corn oil, sesame seed oil and

flaxseed oil are NOT safe to cook with. Use cold or pure pressed oils.


Crisco and other shortenings.




Fruits – Stay away from canned fruits, fruit juices and punches when possible.




Vegetables – Avoid canned vegetables.




Nuts and Seeds – Avoid canned, roasted nuts. Avoid nut butters with hydrogenated oils.




Grains & Legumes – Crackers, breads etc almost always have

hydrogenated fats and enriched wheat flour. Look for whole grain or

whole wheat. Wheat flour is the same as white flour.



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I’ve heard for a long time now that childhood obesity is on the rise

due to the lack of exercise and super size eating of our kids. They

play video games instead of sports, don’t have P.E. in schools and have

very few physical labor chores. But it’s not just the kids who are

suffering. I personally realized this week a small example of how we

are taking physical labor out of our lives. I was making a dish with a

half dozen grated potatoes. When I went to use my food processor, it

was broken. I almost decided not to make the dish. But then I

remembered the real way is to grate potatoes by hand. So I did. Phew!

It was a lot of work. I felt it in my triceps and really put muscle

into it. This was how my grandma cooked all the time. We have to be

careful. We have made our lives so easy that we don’t need to move. If

you’ve ever seen the kids’ movide Wall-E, you will know why I’m

concerned. They envisioned a world of obese people who never needed to

get up for anything because technology brought served them. Think about

it. Today, there are remotes that can turn on our Television, our

lights and maybe even adjust our a/c. Even if technology hasn’t taken

over everything, many people hire out physical chores such as cleaning,

washing the car, etc. Be careful! It’s good to move. It’s good for your

body, for your brain and your spirit.

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