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McEwen Speaks

Posted by MDugard on Jul 5, 2006 5:23:42 PM

Robbie McEwen's sprint victory today was masterful. He had previously scouted the course, and spent the last two days plotting the best way to win. Even when his lead-out man, Fast Freddie Rodriguez, went out of the race, McEwen stuck to his outrageous plan of hugging the left (inside) barricade, and then sprinting all-out toward victory with precisely two hundred meters left. The move caught the field by surprise, and McEwen won by 10 meters. This marked his 10th Tour stage win.McEwen says his team's morale shot up last night when their sponsor invited wives and girlfriends to spend the night with their cyclists in a chateau outside Liege. But after chatting amiably about that night of mid-Tour recreation, McEwen's mood turned when he was asked about the addition of non-cyclists' names to that list of suspected dopers in the ongoing Spanish invasion."It's about time they named riders from other sports. I find it a scandal that names from football or athletics and field aren't being named until now. If they were going to name names, they should have done that from the very beginning."But I think that's the point. The Tour gets more publicity when only cyclists are named. Good or bad, publicity drives this race. Small wonder that the other names weren't released until after the Tour began. Or, should I say, after the Tour became front page news.Moving on. Does September 13, 1944 mean anything to anyone? When I was out for a run this morning in Maastricht I came upon a small memorial in the middle of a oundabout, dedicated to an infantry company called Old Hickory and mentioning that date. Not sure what it meant.Talk to you tomorrow. Another flat, hot day, but we end up in William the Conqueror's hometown of Caen, just twelve kilometers from the Atlantic. Can't wait for Saturday's time trial, when this race is sure to get shaken up drastically.

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