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Adapt or Perish

Posted by Matt Fitzgerald Feb 7, 2008

This spring the book I coauthored with Brad Hudson, +Run

Faster from the 5K to the Marathon+, will be published by

Broadway Books. The book shares many of the secrets of Brad's brilliant

"adaptive running" philosophy of training.


I'm living a lesson in adaptive running these days. Last weekend my

wife and I relocated from Northern California to San Diego. It was the

most challenging move of my life, and as a result my training went to

pieces for a while. Then, on my fourth day in San Diego, I began


commuting to an office job for the first time in seven years. My whole

lifestyle has been turned upside down. If I'm going to run any good

races this year, I'm going to have to adapt my training to fit the

constraints of this new lifestyle.


Fortunately, I work in an office full of other endurance athletes.

By my third day on the new job, their passion had fully infected me and

I suddenly found myself highly motivated to get back to serious

training--and with that kind of motivation, solutions are inevitable.




I think I've found the solution to the training challenges imposed

by my new daily schedule. I am fortunate to have access to a

state-of-the-art fitness facility in the building my wife and I now

live in. My plan is to wake up early each weekday morning and do a

quick half-hour workout: 30 minutes of easy running on Tuesdays and

Thursdays, and 10 minutes of warm-up running plus 20 minutes of

functional strength training on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday.




On weekday afternoons, I will run from my office. (This practice is

not exactly frowned upon around here.) Most of it will be easy stuff as

well, but I will mix in some threshold runs, hill sprints, and the

occasional longer run. My hardest workouts of the week will occur back

to back on Saturday and Sunday, when I have more time available.

Saturdays I will hit the track and Sundays I will run long.




It remains to be seen whether this system will work for me (I've

never regularly run twice a day before), but I'm hopeful. The education

in adaptive running that I received from working with Brad Hudson has

given me confidence in guiding my training in a creative, responsive

manner--a quality every runner in this lightning-paced modern world can

benefit from. So be sure to check out Run Faster

when it's published this spring!



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