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avatar mediafire movie review

Posted by Mediafire on Feb 21, 2010 9:40:21 PM

I just saw it in 3D in a Bangkok cinema, and I got what I had expected before. So, it's worth the price for anyone paid to see it(As you can see I gave it an 8/10). The phenomenon created by the actual viewing is almost beyond the words. Walking onto Pandora, both the audiences and Jake Sully(Sam Worthington) were awed by a very believable alien world. This is no "Final Fantasy", and this is definitely not a Pixar movie, it's James Cameron's visual ambition realized with 230 million dollars. As we see the complete alien ecosystem on Pandora, the lively details of every character and creature on the screen, one can't help being dragged into the world created by Cameron's team. Many scenes felt so heartfelt and thoughtful that you almost want to be a naturalist yourself. But, one can also start to build up another dimension of expectation as the incredible first act is enough to promote a well-developed mythology.


You might be asking why did I wrote such a negative title. Yes, you got the idea. After my expectation was inflated, the 2nd and last act only led to one dimension of story, which was already well told in $19million-budgeted Dances with Wolves. This isn't really bad, but a minor disappointment because this outrageous similarity can take the audiences back to their reasons and minds. While watching the 2nd act which involves some tragic situations, I couldn't help but noticing the Na'vis were actually native Americans in blue skins. The 3rd act only made me notice the lack of depth in the "civilization clash" theme.


Still, this is not saying Avatar is not a good movie. On the contrast, this review means to help you stocking less on the story side and totally immerse into the movie's visuals and logics. Concerning logics, I am already decided not to call Avatar a Sci-fi because it's more alike Star Wars. But be warned this is not Star Wars because the scale of the movie ate everything else, including performances. Though, Stephen Lang's Colonel Miles was a strong candidate for this generation's Darth Vader. Enjoy being a Na'vi!

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