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The American College of Sports Medicine is not the typical college (with a campus and buildings and students) -- but rather an orgaization that brings together health professionals (sports medicine doctors, sports nutritionists, physical therapists) and exercise scientists and researchers. Every year, they have an annual meeting. This year, it is in Indianapolis and I am leaving tomorrow for the week. This is one of my favorite meetings because this is where I learn the latest sports nutrition information. The researchers will be presenting the studies they completed in the past year. I'll look forward to sharing with you what I learn. If you want more information about ACSM, take a look at their website:

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Nancy Clark RD CSSD

Nancy Clark RD CSSD

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Hi! I specialize in nutrition for exercise, and help active people figure out how to manage food, weight, exercise, energy and enjoyment of eating. Let me know if you have any questions!

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