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All too often, clients come to me whining they have failed to lose weight, even though they have stopped eating "junk foods." Now, they are eating only "healthy foods." They thought hamburgers, fries, and ice cream were making them fat, so they deleted those foods and replaced them with salads (with lots of dressing), trail mix, and protein shakes. Make that, lots of salad, bags of trail mix, and super-sized protein shakes. Little do they realize, excess calories from "healthy foods" can be just as fattening as calories from "junk foods."


If you want to trim some undesired body fat, your best bet is, indeed, to knock off the excess calories of soft drinks, fried foods, and sweets. Theoretically, eating just 100 fewer calories at the end of the day can contribute to loss of 10 pounds of fat per year. But be sure to count the calories in "healthy foods." ....  they can contribute to fat-gain, too. You can gain weight by eating too much fruit, just as you can gain weight by eating too many cookies.


Try to enjoy a food plan that is 85-90% "healthy" foods and 10-15% "whatever". Some days "whatever" might be berries; other days, "whatever" might be blueberry pie. Enjoy the balance.




For more information on how to choose a balanced sports diet that will support your goals:

Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook

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