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If good health is your wish, get caught on fish! Yes, you know you should eat more fish to reduce your risk of heart disease—but what if you just don’t like the taste of salmon or strong-tasting fish? What can you do?


Try Barramundi!  Barramundi, which means “fish with big scales” in an Australian aboriginal dialect, are a sweet, mild-tasting white fish (similar to cod). Yet, they have the omega-3 content of wild Coho salmon without the “fishy” taste. Unlike other omega-3-rich fish that eat smaller fish, Barramundi have the rare ability to make omega-3's from plants. This means Barramundi are not mercury-laden. Eat as much as you want!


Another selling point is barramundi farms are eco-friendly. They are raised using sustainable aquaculture and have a smaller environmental footprint compared with other fish farms. They were crowned the 2009 “Seafood Champion” for ocean-friendly production practices.


Barramundi are definitely worth seeking out (either fresh or frozen) at Whole Foods, Costco, Legal Seafoods, and likely your local supermarket. A good catch!


(Disclosure: I have NO financial connection to the barramundi business.)


Nancy Clark

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