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Many health-conscious athletes grumble and complain about fast ‘n fatty chain restaurants. But how many of them go on to offer realistic menu improvements?  Not many. Yet, customer feedback is important. Case in point: Starbucks. On the Starbucks website Starbucks website, you can post your comments, complaints, and suggestions—and the Starbucks' staff actually reads them!


Starbucks’ customers have asked for selections with no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial colors or dyes, no added trans fats, and more fruits and vegetables. So Starbucks now offers: banana bread that’s one-third banana; fruit smoothies (rather, Vivanno Smoothies) with one whole banana, whey protein, skim or 2% milk (your request) and real strawberry puree (as opposed to strawberry-flavored high fructose corn syrup).  Other health-friendly menu items include cooked oatmeal, a tasty yet petite scone for 140 calories, an individually wrapped gluten-free orange cake (delicious!), salad with almonds and cranberries, and light mayo for sandwiches.


Yes, Starbucks does offer treats; their customers like treats. But Starbucks is keeping the vast majority of their food and beverage offerings under 500 calories, with less saturated fat and more natural ingredients.  Why, 500 calories per meal is what I recommend to my active clients who want to lose weight! So yes, even dieters can eat out and not blow their calorie budget.


My message is, if you want to see changes for the better in the American Food Supply, speak up, send letters and emails, and state your requests for changes. Yes, even you can make a difference!

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