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While wandering through the Expo at the American College of Sports Medicine’s Annual “Summit Meeting" last week, I came upon a really yummy granola bar … rather, granola “square.” It’s hefty—400 calories per “square”—enough for a satisfying and wholesome meal on the go, particularly if supplemented with a yogurt, latte, or milk chug.

The square is proudly made with all natural ingredients, real oats, no wheat, dairy, GMOs or trans fats.


I like not only the taste of the granola square, but also the texture. It’s not hard, nor crunchy. It’s chewy and made of “pressed oats” that are hand-rolled into squares. The square crumbles if you try to break it in half. Sort of like the topping on apple crisp.


I like the bar not only because it taste delicious, but also because it is not too sweet nor too processed. I also like it because it’s made by a family business. The dad is working hard to support eight kids! You’ll be doing a good deed by fueling your muscles with this handy, healthy energizer. Check it out on




Disclosure: I have no affiliation with Olympic Granola.

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