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As an entrepreneur, I like to support other entrepreneurs who have their own businesses. Hence, I am writing this blog in support of Dan O’Rourke and his NRG Bars.  Dan is a former US Marine, an Ironman Triathlete and a competitive runner. He’s also a good guy who loves to cook, has consumed a lot of calories in his lifetime, and knows what tastes good.


I learned about his NRG Bars from a triathlete who was raving about them.  “The Pumpkin Ginger NRG Bar is delish!!!” she reported as she gave me a taste. I agreed!


Very tasty, nice texture, satisfying—and also made from real organic foods. The bars are wheat-, dairy- and soy-free. They are perfect for vegetarians/vegans and are based on oats and figs, with brown rice syrup as a sweetener.  They are perfect for an in-between-meal snack or a pre-exercise energizer. Give them a try?


In New England, you can buy NRG Bars in Whole Foods Markets. (Dan plans to expand to other areas of the country.) You can more easily order a case or two of them at They cost $2.50 per bar (17 bars/case), come in four flavors, and are worth the calories and the money.


Disclaimer: I have nothing to disclose, other than I like to support other hard workers who have created a good product. I hope you will want to support Dan as well.


Enjoy a high energy, tasty day!



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